I Am

Just that… and more.

Photos by Axel de Torres Curth. (Mostly)

My name is Axel. Some people call me Ax, Axl, Alex and even Askel.  I’m an electro-mechanical-technician who learned about computers while studying music in college, now works as a web development manager and takes photography really seriously (*).  

As i follow Eckhart’s teachings closely, the name I gave to this website reminds me of something of extreme importance.  The N@W when I take the photo, the N@W when I develop it, the N@W when I write this, the N@W when you read this.  See, N@W we’re connected!

I love a lot of things, but most of all I love to play as I learn and learn as I play.  This happens to me with photography in general, with music, with my family, at work, when I jog and when I don’t.

I hope you enjoy some of these photos, as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

 Photo by Mariano Diez Peña
* Me, taking photography really seriously…

And how about you?