Vultur Gryphus – Andean Condor

When you’re up there on the rocks and you can hear the wind on his wings, it is just breathtaking,

As we decided which part of the group would stay and which part would go up the rocks (that was only a 30 minute hike, but a little steep)  I thought I’d leave my large backpack and just bring my camera with a wide angle lens and my 100-400 in a smaller bag.

The view on our way up was just fantastic.  We had no idea that once up there on the top we would have two Andean Condors so close to us.

Photo Mariano Diez Peña

They were flying around us, meters away from us!  Some times lower than we were, and some times just at our height.

This one I must admit, I realized that the bus was there only when I got home and saw the photos in the computer – I love the proportion and the perspective of this photo.

Fun and full enjoyment, that is for sure!

Photo Mariano Diez Peña

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