Tyto Alba

Look at this buddy…  It may be easy to see in other places, but not here.  We went for a photo-walk yesterday with a friend and even though it started with a light rain, it turned out to be a great day!

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl or Lechuza de Campanario in Spanish) 1/40 sec at f/ 7.1, ISO 10,000 – 255mm.

Glad my friend suggested we get closer to some steep rock formations. We went up close to the rocks, and he spotted Tyto in a rather dark part of a cave.

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl or Lechuza de Campanario in Spanish) 1/160 sec at f/8.0, ISO 3,200 – 560mm

Here’s where a mono-pod, image stabilization and a somewhat decent high-iso response helps you out a ton – clearly not good for print, but good enough to keep a nice record of this little one, and maybe share on Instagram & Google+ 😉

We came up towards him very slowly… slow enough to be able to get this second photo before he flew away to another cave in the same rock formation:

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl or Lechuza de Campanario in Spanish) 1/25 sec at f/7.1, ISO 8,000 – 255mm

After taking these photos, which had already paid for the entire photowalk, we did a good trek, without finding any other photo-worthy subjects… Furthermore, we had to stop and rain-cover our backpacks…

As the weather got better, and we reached the rocks and caves on the opposite side of where Tyto was found, we stopped for a while to enjoy the view and a nice cup of tea. At that point, I took “Pepito” for a spin – (That is the name a gave to my drone – “Drone Pepito”) – Not only I enjoy flying it so much, but I’m really amazed at the photographic perspective you can get out of it (I will share some of those shots in a separate post and link it here afterwards).

We had to get back home early, so on our way back, we decided to go back up again to the same rocks where we spotted Tyto in the morning, and there he was again, in the same cave/crack where he flew in the morning once he decided he didn’t want to be “that” close to us…

And this last photo shows the context and the proportion of this buddy in its surroundings…  It sure gives you quite a perspective.

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl or Lechuza de Campanario in Spanish) 1/160 sec at f/6.3, ISO 1,250 – 140mm

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