Trying out some Low Key Photography Concepts

This little guy has been my preferred photography model since day one.  

The concept I heard in the Photography course I’m taking on Wednesdays is quite interesting – I had seen “Low Key” and “Hight Key” pictures before and wondered how were they done?

  • My super tiny Model
  • A nice stone I was going to use as a background
  • A headlamp as Light 1
  • An iPod as Light 2
  • A blue cleaning cloth as Tone 1
  • And a yellowish cloth as Tone 2 

The one above is the photo that I like the most, but I did try a few other combinations too – see below.

Light 1 was a strong one that I had to cover a bit so it would only hit the Model partially from behind.

Light 2 was the iPod covered with the blue cloth just painting the background rock with the first tone.  Look at the other options I got by painting with the yellowish cloth covering the 2nd light. One with no painting at all, one with a very under-exposed shot, and a black & white version too.

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